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Instructions and Photographs that illustrate responsibilities and task

All team members will refill their own box before getting off today. Things to refill: Service spoons and tongs the box with sauce, utensils and napkin, any other items that are low. Make sure fuel box is clean, caps are tight to prevent spillage of fuel, and check that lighter is working and not damaged.

I will inspect each box to make sure each team member is showing that they're taking care and responsible of business property.

For fast and organized set up at pop ups, position and prep all your tools in the right place before beginning to set up

Don't be shy to use the insulated box as a table to place any tools For the fuel I prefer to open all the caps and then place them on the racks so you're not running back-and-forth

After setting up, place all tools organized under table for fast access and easy to remember when leaving site Place service spoons inside the food for fast and clean service. Ie dropping the spoon on the floor, not scooping from the bottom for optimum temp of food and slow service.

If by chance, the health department comes on the day that we are servicing the place please have these items ready for the health inspector filled out and legible always have your thermometer house and your service gloves and service hat on

To continue being employed at this position all employees will be required to take a food handler certificate within 60 days if within 60 days you do not pass the food certificate handler you may be removed from the job

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