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Fooda Video Production Draft


5-7 sec of pics/music and logo

Pre-shot: 2-3 mins

-Welcome them to the team

-What to expect in video

-Cover documents and certs briefly


Shot 1

Preparing for the day:


-Any question who to text

-what to wear

- Potential work schedule/hours

-pay/payout (if you want to share this)

Shot 2:

Starting the day

-cleaning your car for space

-where to load food

-what to grab and how to enter back door

Shot 3


-Getting the right box and bag

-checking your box before leaving

-what goes into the box

-loading your car without spills


-PDF pics for the right entrance

Shot 4:


-search the area before unloading

-Arrival time and set up time and start time and leave time

-setup order and proper way

-stirring food

-clean up/trash

Shot 5 (no sales training here. That'll be another video/training)

Serving the food

-greeting customers

- The proper scoop portions

- Submitting temperature logs

-washing hands

-break down

-restock once you get home

Shot 6:


-running out of food

-no wifi or card reader not working

-the Proper way to eat your food


- etc etc etc

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